Coaching through transitions to help growth and development

My deep interest in people, wide experience and honest self awareness means that my coaching role is one I hugely value.It's all about relationships and that is my commitment, to be fully invested in the relationship and helping the individual and the organisation to get the outcomes they want.

I work from a gestalt perspective (read more), bringing my whole self to the role, creating the right environment for growth and development. Bringing an approach that is about both firm support and robust challenge means both coach and coachee work hard but the value is tangible.

If you are prepared to invest your time and energy and willingness to grow to a coaching relationship I would love to hear from you.

Contact me today to discuss how I could help your business or organisation.

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"Audrey operates with high levels of self awareness and is a great coach and manager to those she leads." Chris Askew, Chief Executive, Breakthrough Breast Cancer