Developing people and organisations to reach their full potential

I am first and foremost a people centred practitioner who listens well and will work with you to support and challenge you to achieve your potential. I have a high degree of self awareness and see my strengths as being in my authenticity and deep interest in people and organisations. As a consultant I offer my extensive experience of leading and developing people and organisations. I have worked at executive level for ten years and have set up two very successful organisations in that time. My style is a coaching and facilitative one.

Building collaborations and collaborative approaches is a key skill and interest, having extensive experience in building and leading collaborations. Collaborative approaches are important foundations for future ways of working, whether that's across professional or geographical boundaries and my passion is to support others to help that happen should that be their focus.

I also offer extensive experience in health and welling and the health and social care sector too. I have a particular interest in how the perspective of those using these services can help to positively shape the future, enabling the unheard to have a voice.

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"Audrey has a comprehensive grasp of the strucural challenges and opportunities emerging in the forthcoming health and social care landscape." Ian Welsh, Chief Executive, Health and Social Care Alliance Scotland